UNISEX Navy Blue and Brown Wrap Bracelet

Step 1. Prepare the materials and tools. The supplies needed for this projects are:

  • 1 clipboard
  • 1 big eye needle sized 2.125 inch
  • 1 sterling silver button
  • 1 brown silk thread or sewing thread sized 22 meters
  • 7 feet of 2mm natural red brown leather cord
  • 282 pieces of 2-2.5mm antique gunmetal nuggets

Step 2. String the leather cord throughout the button. The position of the button should be in the middle of the leather cord.

Step 3. Secure them into the clipboard. It is to help you maintain the tension while you are threading the gunmetal nuggets.

Step 4. Take the 22m brown silk thread and cut it into two equally. Line both threads side by side to equally fold them all into half. Then, string the threads into the needle and create the string end in U-shape. Make the loop by bending this U-shaped end through the needle.

Step 5. Then, string the leather cord bottom throughout the loop made from the silk threads. Make sure that the silk threads are like the picture. Make some adjustments on the silk threads if needed. After the silk threads are being around the leather cord bottom, pull the silk threads tightly so that the loop is firmly holding the leather cord. Make sure that the position of the loop is 5mm away against the button back especially the convex side.

Step 6. String the gunmetal nuggets one by one between the leather cords using a figure-8 technique. The figure-8 technique can be seen from the picture. You can practice making the figure-8 string before inserting the nuggets. After you are familiar with the movement, you can start inserting the nuggets one by one.

Make sure that the position of one nugget is always in parallel with the previous one nicely and neatly. You can use your index finger to give support the nugget back when you pull the free end of the threads to fasten the loop of the silk thread. And, check the leather cords attaching into the clipboard. Always ensure the leather cords are in perpendicular with the clipboard top. It is to help you give enough tension when pulling the silk thread’s loose ends.

When the threads are badly messed up, you can pull the leather cords into opposite direction to loosen the silk thread’s loop. You can re-tighten them again while fixing the threads. If the threads are not pretty bad messed up, you can just turn the nuggets into the proper direction and the threads are easily neatened. .

Step 7. After the nuggets are all corded into the leather cord, make an overhead knot at the cord’ end. Make sure that the space is about 15mm between two knots. The bracelet should be 32 inches long measured from the button back up to the first knot’s end.