Men’s Sterling SIlver Fleur De Lis Wheat Chain Bracelet

Step 1. Tools and Materials


  • Torch
  • Rawhide hammer
  • Wire snips
  • Pliers
  • Jeweler’s saw
  • Mandrels


  • Tumbling polisher
  • Jump ringer
  • Baking soda
  • Pickle
  • Liquid flux
  • Silver solder
  • Soft sterling silver wire

Step 2: Create small and large jump rings. This project uses two types of jump rings. The first one is sized 12 ga with 0.5” diameter. The other one is 14 ga rings with 0.25” diameter or another larger sized rings as they will be used to support the 12 ga rings. The rings can be made by circling the wire into the mandrels. After the coil is made, you can cut the wire using the pliers. Make sure to create two sized rings.

Step 3. The the large rings and bend the rings to connect the ring edges. Make some bends using the pliers so that two edges meet. Make sure that the cut edges smooth and close as this ring will be soldered later on.

Step 4. Next, prepare the large rings and solder them. You can use a small torch to burn the edges so that they become one joint. Apply the solder below the ring cut. After all the large rings are finished being soldered, let them sit for awhile to cool down.

Step 5. After the large rings are all cool down, the next step is to change all the large rings into dog bone shapes. You can use two kinds of pliers to form the large ring, that is, round pliers and parallel jaw pliers. Use the round pliers to hold the large ring just like the spreader.

Then, use the jaw pliers to press the middle part of the large ring. As the jaw pliers have limitation on its opening, you can firstly flatten the large ring using the rawhide hammer for a little bit. The result of this step is some large rings in dog bone shapes just like in the picture.

Step 6. Now, it’s time to connect the dog bone rings altogether using the small rings. Take two dog bone rings and connect them. Don’t forget to solder the small ring. Keep doing it until you get the bracelet size that you want. Make sure to leave the rings on each edge of the bracelet open as you need them to insert the clasp.

Step 7. You can make the bracelet clasp from the wire sized 18 ga. You just need to bend one side of the wire to create a loop. While one end is straight. Then, connect the clasp into each edge of the bracelet and solder them.

Step 8. Clean the bracelet using the solution of mild acid. Rinse the bracelet into the warm mild acid for awhile, then scrub it using baking soda. After that, you can wash the bracelet under the running water. Dry it and your sterling silver bracelet is ready to wear. Don’t forget to polish it with a tumbler polish.