How to Master Wire Jewelry Making

There are plenty of ideas for doing a DIY project, one of which is making jewelry. Yet, some DIY doers may not prefer this idea as it is quite complicated to make. If you think the same thing, don’t worry! We are here trying to provide you tutorials on how to master wire jewelry making. There are 5 basic techniques about jewelry making that you can learn easily.

  • One of the most important things in making jewelry is the correct supply. To be able to create and work with wire jewelry, you will need to purchase needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, curved nose pliers, and the wire itself. To save some money in the beginning of your jewelry making journey, you can use copper wire whose price is cheaper.

  • Technique number 2 is looping. Making a loop is the most basic skill in making wire jewelry that you need to master. While creating a loop is the simplest technique, it is also the foundation of all other making jewelry techniques. In making a loop, you will need round nose pliers to grasp the wire. Then you need to push the wire away with fingers. Once you master how to make a loop, you can easily create many variations in making jewelry such as creating space between the beads you are using.

  • Next technique is working with beads. To decorate your jewelry using beads, you will need to slide the beads into the wire you are using. Once the beads are secured on the wire, you will need to use flat nose pliers to pinch the wire at 90 degrees.

  • Next technique is how to cut wire. When working with wire, you will need to cut the wire at some points. It is very important to know how to cut the wire appropriately so that you will not get prodded, poked, or cut. When cutting the wire, use the flat side of the cutter and hold both sides of the wire piece so that the wire won’t fly.

  • The last technique of jewelry making that you need to master is to do spiral. The technique is sometimes called the most difficult technique to master when doing wire wrapping. To make spiral, you will need round nose pliers. To make it, you need to grab the flat nose pliers after you make loop. Place the single loop between the two flat nose pliers so that the loop can stick out and thus you can start to wrap the wire with fingers.