How to Make Turquoise Beaded Bracelet

Turquoise is such an adorable color. It absolutely becomes a nice color for jewelry. Here we come with a jewelry making project of turquoise beaded bracelet. In this project, not only will you make a bracelet, you will also make the beads. The beads are faux turquoise and are made of clay. The technique of making the turquoise beads can also be used to make other kinds of beads. So, let’s check the steps!



  • ¼ block of turquoise polyform clay
  • 1/32 block of white polyform clay
  • 1/32 block antique gold polyform clay
  • 1/32 block wasabi polyform clay
  • Black polyform clay
  • Clay mat
  • 1 piece of gold leaf paper
  • Razor

Step 1. Mix up the turquioise, wasabi, and white clay and make them into a ball using hand.


Step 2. Put the antique gold block on the top of the clay mixture. Then take a razor and start chopping the clay up randomly.

Step 3. Grab the gold leaf sheet and put it on the top of the chopped clay.

Step 4. Still working with the gold leaf sheet, press the sheet down into all the crevices. Remove all the excess sheet when you finish the tapping.

Step 5. Grab the polymer clay. Roll the clay into a shape of thin square.

Step 6.  Put the black sheet on the top of the gold leave and start to tap the clay in a similar way as you used with the previous leave.

Step 7. Take your blade and cut your clay randomly. But don’t cut the clay across. Make some cuts from the side instead.

Step 8. Push the clay together and flatten the clay’s top.

Step 9.  Prepare some filler color. In this example, rod of black is used.

Step 10. Roll the rod from large size to small one if you want to make beads with different sizes.

Step 11. Cut the rod into some sections and roll each of them to make a ball.

Step 12. Slice through the turquoise mixture horizontally

Step 13. Start wrapping the piece around the bead.

Step 14. Once the ball is wrapped with the turquoise clay, smoothen the ball by rolling it.

Step 15. Poke a hole through both sides to make a hole for the bead. Repeat doing steps 12 – 15 until you finish all beads.

Step 16. Place the beads on a rack of bead baking so that they won’t get shiny spots.

Step 17. Once the beads are taken out from the oven, cool them down. Next, you can start to string them up to make your jewelry.