How to Make Stunning Woven Beaded Necklace

Are you looking for a statement necklace for your spring moments? Well, stop shopping! Make one instead! Spend only $15 for a stunning necklace. Although it may take your patience, you will surely ready to rock your spring activities with this woven beaded necklace!

  • Prepare all the materials.

  • String the seed beads into the thread of the jewelry. Make 4 sets of 3 strands, each of which is 30 inches long.

  • Tie the strands and tape them to a table. Separate every set of 3 strands based on the color.

  • Take the first set of strands and weave it over the other two starting from the right to the left. Then, continue waving from under the third set and over the fourth set.

  • Take the new group of 3 and weave it under the group 1 and over the group 2.

  • Take the new group of 2 and weave it over the group 4 and under the group 3. Repeat doing the step 4 and step 5 until you reach the necklace’s bottom.

  • Once you reach the necklace’s bottom, wrap the thread around the bead strands’ seed. This wrapping will make sure everything stays in its place when you are working on the beaded strands.

  • Cut the ends carefully and release the beads under the thread that is wrapped. Tie the threads to one another to make sure other beads won’t fall off. After that, tie all of them together to make one big knot.

  • Make an assembly of the ends by inserting the head pin into the cone. Then, cut off the wire and make a loop. Create two of these. Grab a jump ring and attach it to the cone and attach the jump ring along with the lobster clasp to another cone.

  • Remove the excess thread by cutting it. Apply super glue to the end into the cone. Let it dry for one hour.

  • Once you are done with the cone, you are done making your own stunning woven beaded necklace. Now make sure that everything is clear and neat. Remove any excess glue and make sure everything is neatly done. You are ready to rock your spring with this necklace!

Look at how beautiful the necklace is! And it is your hard work! It is indeed priceless! The next time you make another necklace, you can use different color of the beads, different length of the necklace, and with many other variations!