How to Make Simple Black Onyx and Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

Bracelet is not merely about accessories for woman. It can also fit a man well. However, we do need to choose the right design of the bracelet. If you are currently thinking of a unique handmade for your special one, you can try making this tiger’s eye bracelet. This bracelet is elasticated easy stone bracelet. There are a couple of steps only to follow and few supplies to gather up.


  • 8mm Onyx Beads
  • A tiger’s eye
  • 2 beautiful Bali cone beads
  • Scissors
  • Some stretch magic
  • Elastic

Step 1. To begin with, cut a generous length of elastic using scissors. Do consider the length of the elastic as you are going to make a bracelet for a man. Just make sure that you don’t cut the elastic too short because you are going to need some space to thread in the cones later on.

Step 2. After that, you can start threading the onyx beads onto the elastic. Thread as many onyx beads as you require for the length of the elastic.

As this bracelet is going to be for a man, so you need to make the length of the elastic slightly longer.

Step 3. Once all the onyx beads have been threaded onto the elastic, grab your cone and thread it onto the elastic as well.

Step 4. Next, add the tiger’s eye by threading it onto the elastic. The tiger’s eye is unique. In this bracelet, the tiger’s eye will be the centerpiece.

Step 5. Move to the other end of the elastic. Thread another cone onto the elastic.

Step 6. After that, you need to make a knot. This knot needs to sit inside the cone and therefore the knot can be hidden when you already complete the bracelet. The best way to knot the elastic is to take both ends together and pull the end through like you would tie a balloon.

So, knot both ends of the elastic at the same time. Make sure you pull the end nicely and tightly. If you think you are not sure the knot is not secure enough, you can repeat the knotting a second time. Keep pulling the end until the knot is secured enough.

Step 7. Once you are sure the knot is settled, take off the excess elastic above the knot. This will then slip nicely inside the cone and finish the bracelet off beautifully. The bracelet is finished and ready to use!