How to Make Drop Earrings with Unusual Tools

The tutorial in this article is all about making earrings with substitute tools. The tools are the unusual, meaning that they are actually not used in jewelry making projects. However, they can do the job well. They are drum stick or knitting needle. Those tools can make simple and unique shape of wire frames. See the following tutorial to find out how these tools can be used to make drop earrings:

Step 1. Grab your wire, pinch, and bend it gently using the drum stick. Make a rounded shape using the tool. Make sure one of the wire’s ends is longer.

Step 2. Grab your flat nose pliers and now tightly grasp all the two wires below where they cross each other. Place the longer wire to be in the front position.

Step 3. Now move to the back side to grasp the wire that’s shorter using round nose pliers. Bend the shorter wire down.

Step 4. With your fingers, take the longer wire and bend it to make it straight. Then using needle nose pliers bend the shorter wire toward the back and to down direction.

Step 5. Keep bending up the wire to make a perfect loop around the wire’s longer end.

Step 6. Trim off the excess wire with side cutters.

Step 7. Grab round nose pliers to hold the wire with long end. Hold it closely to the pre-made loop and using your other hand hold the wire’s longer end.

Step 8. Make the wire parallel to the pre-made loop by bending it around the pliers. Start making smaller and smooth loop.

Step 9. Continue on pulling the wire around the pliers’ tips. Also, cross it behind earring.

Step 10. Using flat nose pliers, hold the smaller loop. Look at the picture to see how the wire cross and how the end of it coming. Bend up the wire and bend it to the front using round nose pliers.

Step 11. Keep on bending the wire around and up.

Step 12. Now bend it down and to the back. Bend it like you are making rotation on the earring.

Step 13. Finish the bending the wire by wrapping it on the earrings.

Step 14. Cut off any excess wire with side cutters.

Step 15. Pinch the wire’s end with flat nose pliers to make the wire tight.

Step 16. Open the ear wire’s bottom loop with round nose pliers and slide the loop into the earring’s small loop. Then close the ear wire’s loop.

Step 17. Finally, add or attach any bead of your choice using a jump ring.