How to Make Bracelets with Gold Tube

Visiting a bead store can be exciting yet overwhelming. Once you see a wide range of jewelry elements, your mind will soon be filled with plenty of ideas. You will also start wondering the best idea to transform those jewelry elements into something unexpected but simple, wearable, and beautiful. Here we have a tutorial for you to make beautiful bracelets with basic components.

  • Prepare the supplies. To make this gold tube bracelet, you will need two pieces of spacer beads, one embroidery needle, one piece f 38mm x 2mm curved noodle tube head, and Chinese knotting cord (o.5 mm, 2 feet). All of these supplies are only for a single gold tube bracelet. Add the number of the components accordingly if you wish to make more bracelets.

  • Grab your knotting cord and cut it into two pieces of 12 inches. Then take one bead of gold noodle tube and thread it through a strand and crossing the strand’s ends.

  • The next step is similar to how to make macramé bracelet, if you happen to make one. Fold over the second strand and make the ends overlapping. Then start to tie the square knots. After that, fold the cord over the cord in the bottom.

  • Take the top cord and bring it under the middle and bottom overlapping strands thru the loop and finally into the knot.

  • Repeat doing the step 4 for the bracelet’s right side.

  • Continue doing the same steps until you make another 5 or 6 knots.

  • Finish the knots by threading one of them into a piece of needle and then by sewing it up to the center of the other 2 or 3 knots on the backside. Pull the needle thru the knots using pliers.

  • Take your scissors to remove the excess cord.

  • Take two beads of gold spacer and thread them into each of cords. Then tie the cord’s tips to make a knot. Then trim it.

  • Your bracelet is done! It is completely adjustable. You now can repeat all of the steps above to make other bracelets with different colored cords. Aren’t these colorful and gold bracelets beautiful?

The bracelets can indeed be customized to meet your preference. There are lots of choices of the gold beads in the market. The next time you make another gold bracelet, you can try different beads and also different cord so that your crafts can be more various.