How to Make Beaded Tassel

Are you beaded lover? Have you got a new idea for your new DIY project? Don’t worry if you don’t have any! We can get a help from the current trend for a new DIY idea. Yup! That is tassel! Tassel is really trending right now. This project is simple and easy. The steps are also not many. Here is the tutorial:


  • Beading Thread
  • Seed Beads
  • Needle
  • Wire
  • End Caps or Bead Caps

Step 1. Take your 22-gauge wire, cut it, and make a loop at one of the wire’s ends. In making the loop, pay attention to the size so you won’t make create too big loop. If the loop is too big, the seed beads can pass through it.

Step 2. Insert one bead and then tie a knot at the thread’s end. Then, through the loop of the wire, feed the thread.

Step 3. Insert smaller seed beads to the thread. In this example, the type of seed beads used is sead beads from Miyuki with the size of 11. String on as many seed beads as you want.

Step 4. Get the last seed bead you inserted and skip it. Then, through the beads, thread back the needle.

Step 5. Now, move to the wire loop. Thread through it. Look at the picture to see how it is done.

Step 6. String on another seed beads. Then, thread them back through the beads. In doing this step, remember to skip the last bead. After that, thread back through the loop of the wire.

Step 7. Repeat the steps above until you get the thickness that you want. The thickness of the tassel should depend on how full you want your tassel to be when it is used or within the cap of the bead. After you achieve your desired tassel’s thickness, tie the ends off. Next, trim the excess off. Secure the knots by applying some fast-drying glue. It is optional though.


Step 8. Lastly, add the bead end or bead cap to the tassel. Also, create the wire wrapped loop. You’ve finished the project! Your tassel is ready to use! In the next project, you can try mixing different colors of the seed beads to add more fun to your tassel.

Isn’t it beautiful to décor something with our own handmade? You can vary the elements of the tassel. You can even make it colorful. Go give it a try and join the trend of beaded tassel!