How to Make a Crafty Bracelet

Christmas is coming to town! Have you thought in giving present to give to your friends? Do you want to give them memorable present? If you have not thought about it yet, making a crafty bracelet can be one of the answers.


  • Tape
  • String or rope or cord, this tutorial is using cord
  • 2 Jump rings
  • Hook closure
  • 2 cord caps
  • Glue
  • Pliers

The Making Steps

  • Cut the cord into two pieces and secure the end of each cord using tape. To make it easy, tape each end of the first cord or you can call it cord A and tape one end of the second cord or you can call it cord B. Bring the end of cord A together and make a larger loop out of it.
  • Bring the end of the cord B together and place cord B below the loop of cord A.

  • After you have done it take cord B through the end of cord A or below the taped end.

  • Then, bring cord B through the cord B below the loop of cord A. since it is hard to be explained, you are recommended to see the picture so that you can follow it.

  • After you have done it, tighten the knot. To tighten the knot, you need to pull the top cord together with the top cord, while for tighten the bottom cord is the same with the top cord. The important thing is you do not need to tight it too hard since it will not become a good shape. Moreover, you need to pay attention while you are tightening them, make sure you make the same length.

  • To secure the end of the cord you can use the cord caps, but first, remove the tape from the cord. To secure the caps, add glue on the cords and you can use pliers so your hand will not be hurt.

  • Once you have done, add the jump rings and hook closure to the cord caps. Make sure that the caps, jump rings and hook closure are secure, meaning that they are not easily detached.

This bracelet is believed to be a friendship bracelet and it will make your friendship last longer, so you can give it to your friends as a symbol of your friendship. Moreover, giving a hand-made gift will be very memorable present for your friends.