DIY Wood and Stone Stackable Breaded Bracelets

Nowadays, wood and stone beaded bracelets are very popular. The popularity of wood and stone beaded bracelets always exotic and timeless. They can be used to match with any clothes that you wear. The trend is that most women like to wear stackable bracelets at once. The stackable bracelet seems to be very pleasing. If you want to make one stackable bracelet for yourself, you can follow the instructions given below as the steps being introduced are surprisingly very simple.

The Materials

Before moving to the instructions on how to make beautiful stackable bracelet from wood and stone beads, you have to prepare the materials. For this project, the materials are:

  • 7mm stretch elastic
  • Jewelry adhesive
  • Sharp scissors
  • Gold tone rhinestone spacer beads
  • Colored stone beads
  • 7mm gold tone rhinestones beads
  • 10mm wooden beads


Step 1. Prepare the wire to string the beads but don’t directly cut the wire. Insert one end of the cord into the spool. This is to add the beads easily for you. It is also very effective to save the cord so that you can make another bracelets later on. Before stringing the beads, it is better to determine the sequence beforehand as it will save your time and the result is also more consistent in the arrangement of the beads.

After adding all the beads into the cord, circling the beads around your wrist to see if the beads are properly circling your wrist. Make sure that the bracelet later on is not too tight or too lose. The beads you use will determine the result. You can measure how many beads you want to use to create lose or tight bracelet.

When the numbers of beads are enough and the bracelet is also comfortable for you to wear, cut the spool cord. Don’t forget to give additional 3 to 4 inches at each end to tie the cord. Make sure to create the nice tie. Before fastening the cord ends, pull all the beads to make them snugged into each other. Take one cord end and string it into the other end. Pull the cord ends to tighten it. Do it at least 4 times to hold the beads.

Step 2. Create a loop from each end onto your finger and then tie them all. Create another ties and pull these ties tightly to the knot that is previously created.

Make sure that you make one single big knot.

Step 3. After the knot is made, cut all excess cords from both ends using some scissors. Make sure that the cord tail is short enough so that it can be hidden between the beads. Attach some jewelry glue on the cord tail to give extra protection to the cord tail in holding the beads. Tada! Your stacked bracelet is ready!