DIY Double-Sided Pearl Earrings

These double-sided pearl earrings have reached their popularity after they become the newest Mise de Dior jewelry collections. Since the release of these Dior double pearl earrings, all women seem to be very excited to wear such elegant yet stylist earrings made of pearls. To be in line with Dior double pearl earrings, you can make your own DIY double pearl earrings. The tutorials for this project are very simple and they are also easy to follow.

Step 1. Materials

In order to make your own double pearl earrings, you need to collect some supplies. The supplies are easy to get and they are also not expensive.

  • Plastic beads or Swarovski pearl beads
  • Headpin or skewer
  • Pearl studs
  • Earrings backs
  • Strong glue

If you want to make some variations on the pearls, you can attach either symmetrical or asymmetrical pearls. The colors of the pearls are also based on your personal preference.

If you want to combine two different pearl colors, you can combine two pearl colors which are closer to with pearls. For example: white and ivory pearls, or white and soft grey pearls. Make sure that the pearls used for this project are the half-drilled ones.

Step 2. Take the skewer and apply some strong glue on its one end. Prepare one small earrings back to be mounted inside the half drilled pearls.

Step 3. After the glue is applied on the skewer, attach this glue inside the half drilled pearl hole.

Step 4. Then, take one earrings back and insert it inside the half-drilled pearl hole facing up. Make sure that you choose the earrings backs in the smallest size so that they can fit perfectly into the pearl holes. If you accidently buy the earrings backs with bigger size than the pearl holes, you can make some adjustments on the pearl hole size.

Step 5. Press the earrings back down the pearl hole until all parts are inserted inside the pearl. Then, leave the glue to dry. Don’t forget to wipe off the excess glue from the pearl surface with damp cloth or any other materials.

Step 6. Take one pearl stud and mount it into the pearl hole. Repeat the same step with another pearl. Make sure that you have one pair of double pearl earrings.

Step 7. Make any adjustments on the pearls if you want. The finish of the pearl earrings is seen from the picture. The pearls are asymmetrical which creates more elegant yet classic accessories. You can also make other double pearl earrings using the same sized pearls.