DIY Dip Dye Macramé Necklace

General Information:

There is no end for textile and weaving creative projects. It is easy to shape, even for the amateur craft makers. They only need to learn several basic knots. Since the basic material is cotton, it is possible to dye the finished craft. The result of this DIY project is amazing enough for showing off!


  • Natural Macrame Cord (made from cotton)
  • adhesive liquid (industrial strength)
  • a scissors
  • varied colors of fabric dye
  • pliers for jewelry making purpose (3 in 1)
  • end caps (5mm, 6 pieces)
  • jump rings (12mm, 4 pieces)
  • jump rings (7mm, 18 pieces)
  • jewelry clasp
  • bowl or container to dye the fabric
  • Plastic cover or any waterproof wrap to prevent spilled dye on the floor.

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1. Cut the strand of macrame rope. The measurement of each pieces is 36 inches and the jewelry makers need three of them.

Step 2. Find flat surface to lay the rope strand. Make sure the surface is big enough for the strand to lie side by side. Mark the middle part of the strand by clipping it.

Step 3. Pull the end of the rope on the right side and put it below itself. There should be a loop formed on the middle part of right hand side. It is where the rope gets tangled with its own body.

Step 4. Take the end rope to the upper side.

Step 5. Slip the rope end through the loop. It should go straight and placed below the loop.

Step 6. Gently, pull the knot. Now the jewelry makers get one single knot.

Step 7. Move to the left side. Take the other end and place it close to first knot. Make sure to put it over the rope.

Step 8.  Guide the rope to slide below and up the rope. There should be a loop on the left side as the result.

Step 9. Slide the end inside the loop. Go to the top, bottom and pass straight through.

Step 10. Gently pull the knot. This is the second one.

Step 11. Cut any fabric excess.

Step 12. Prepare the fabric dye in the container or bowl. Put the macrame cord inside it. Allow the fabric to absorb the color for half an hour.

Step 13. Take the knot out and rinse it with running water. Continue rinsing until the water is clear. Dry it.

Step 14. Slip in the jump rings (7mm) for each strand. Secure each of them by using the pliers.

Step 15. Apply glue to the end cap. Allow to dry.

Step 16. Take three ends from one side to the jump ring. Install a clasp as well. Do the process in another side also.